Adam Silver Breaks Silence On China Debacle Amid Criticism: Watch


Houston Rockets GM Daryl Morey created a firestorm for the NBA just over a week ago when he decided to tweet out his support for the pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong. While this may not seem like a big deal, it ended up offending many people in China, including their incredibly powerful government. A media tailspin soon followed and the NBA was put into an incredibly sticky situation. Based on the financial ramifications in play, some fans believe the league bowed down to the Chinese government, but commissioner Adam Silver says otherwise.

Silver recently spoke with TMZ about the situation in China and expressed his support for Morey. In fact, Silver says he has called Morey to make sure he is doing alright in the face of the criticism. Silver added that he wants to maintain a relationship with the country and there is always a possibility they go back next year. Most importantly though, Silver wants fans to make sure an apology was never made to the country.

Per TMZ:


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