Adam Silver Reveals If He Would Intervene To Save The Knicks


For the last two decades, the New York Knicks have been one of the saddest franchises in all of professional sports. Ever since losing Carmelo Anthony, the team has been absolutely abysmal and can’t seem to do anything productive on the court. Last season, they had the worst record in the NBA and they are right back at the bottom this year, despite a plethora of signings. With just four wins this season, the team is in shambles and fans are starting to get fed up.

Some feel like owner James Dolan needs to be ousted from the club but that can only happen if commissioner Adam Silver were to do something about it. Silver was recently asked about the potential for an NBA intervention in relation to the Knicks and as you can expect, the commish isn’t sold on the idea.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Turner Sports

“I wouldn’t, it’s not my role,” Silver said via New York Daily News. “Of course, I work for 30 teams. And the 29 other teams want to beat that team. That’s not to say me getting involved (would be good) and that I’m in any better position to know what to do. We set the rules. And then we try to have a level playing field for the teams to compete.”

For now, the Knicks will just have to deal with their mediocrity. It’s a sad state of affairs but alas, such is life.


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