Adamn Killa Pulls Up With Quick “Adamn Gang EP”


Adamn Killa has been on a tireless grind over the past few years. The rapper most famously collaborated with Yung Lean five years ago which certainly helped shine light on his name. With the newfound attention, Adamn Killa hasn’t let his foot off of the pedal and continued to flood the internet with projects like Adamn Killa Follows YouI Am Adamn 2, and his most recent effort, Fiju and its deluxe release.

This week, the rapper came through with a brand new project called Adamn Gang EP. The three-song effort offers versatility in his sounds. “100 Percent” dives deeper into the melodic trap side while “Not A Rapper” is a belligerent banger meant to stir up a mosh pit.

Check out the latest offering from Adamn Killa below.