Adele & Harry Styles Are On Vacation Together & They Tipped 400% At Dinner


Two of the UK’s most beloved exports, Adele and Harry Styles, have been spotted on a trip together in Anguilla and Twitter is understandably tripping. They were seen enjoying the Carribean island’s beaches. Adele was photographed in a sundress that has many continuing to marvel over her significant weight losscontinuing to marvel over her significant weight loss

It appears Adele and Harry Styles are vacationing with another famous Londoner, James Corden. Styles’ rapport with Corden is well-known considering the former subbed in for the latter last month as host for The Late Late Show. Corden’s inclusion on the trip may not be making it into all the headlines and online discussion since his name doesn’t lend to speculation about potential romance or musical collaborations. 

The whole trio of celebrities did go for dinner together, though. According to The Sun, a bartender at the Caribbean Fishmarket posted a photo of the group’s bill that showed they tipped 400%. Their meal only totalled $472 but they left a gratuity of $2020, along with a message that explains the obvious reason for this tip: “Happy New Year!” The bartender, named Yahya, boasted about his generous customers, writing in the caption of his post: “When Harry Styles and Adele give your friend a nice 2020 New Years tip.”


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