Adele’s Insane Body Transformation Displayed In Christmas Photos With Santa


Adele has released a few of this decade’s defining musical compositions, absolutely taking over the world with her albums 21 and 25. Her evolution as an artist and a human being has been phenomenal to keep track of and, although she may not be hip-hop in the slightest, we have a pop-culture section on the website for this very reason so… miss me with the NotNewHipHop comments. The superstar singer’s weight loss has been documented at length in the tabloids, detailing her daily regimen and inspiring others to get right like her. Shedding some pounds over the last year, Adele debuted her stunning new figure at an event a few months ago and, this week, she’s showing off once again.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Attending a holiday party with The Grinch and Santa Claus, Adele partied it up on the night before Christmas Eve, wowing her fans by simply being herself. Her svelte figure stole the show as she rocked a silky black gown, hugging her frame tightly and ensuring that everyone took notice of her body goals. 

It’s amazing to see the progress that Adele has made and, to be honest, she can be used as motivation to anybody trying to lose some weight over the holidays. It can definitely be pretty difficult but, with the right amount of discipline and will power, anyone can do it.


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