Adrian Peterson Reveals His Stance On Kneeling For 2020 Season


Adrian Peterson is one of the most legendary running backs in the history of the NFL and despite his age, he is still putting up big numbers and excelling with the Washington Redskins. The running back has been keeping up with the political climate of the country over the past week or so, and recently, he was asked about kneeling for the anthem and whether or not that’s something he would consider doing during the 2020 season.

As he explained in the clip below, he absolutely plans on supporting his fellow players and he even noted that if everyone protests, the league can’t do anything about it. At the end of the day, suspending a large majority of your players is simply bad for business.

“Are they going to try to punish us all?” Peterson said. “If not playing football is going to help us save lives and change things, then that’s just what it has to be.”

Peterson also went on to say that he was disappointed with Drew Brees’ stance on kneeling and that he should have thought about it a bit more before commenting.

As for the NFL, well, Roger Goodell recently admitted that the league messed up four years ago and that they plan on protesting with the players.


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