Adrien Broner Asks Fans To CashApp Him $10 After Social Media Hiatus


There’s no denying that Adrien Broner is one of the most talented pound-for-pound boxers of this current generation. Sitting at a professional boxing record of 33-3-1 with 24 TKOs under his belt and earning multiple world championships in four different weight classes is an unattainable accomplishment many boxing hopefuls could only dream to achieve.

However, in recent history, Adrien Broner’s outside-ring antics have overshadowed his in-ring dominance that has allowed him to gain the notoriety he has acquired today. Broner hasn’t seen any in-ring action since his loss to Manny Pacquiao for the WBA Welterweight Title in Jan. 2019. Since then, Broner has been making headlines for all of the wrong reasons. In the past twelve months alone, Broner was detained by Miami PD, had a public spat with 50 Cent, and was forced to fork over $800K to an alleged sexual assault victim.

In more recent history, the ‘Can-Man’ was exposed by Bhad Barbie for attempting to slide into her DMs which led to his current hiatus on social media. Now, the current welterweight boxer has made a return to Instagram but with a rather strange request to his followers and fans. AB, also known as About Billions, wants his followers to CashApp him some funds, the text post reads:

“I’m sorry I haven’t been posting on social media but I’m going thru some tough times at this moment if you can send me 10$ on cashap $AboutBillions89 I will appreciate it #SupportMeAndIFight4U.”

While Adrien Broner’s current financial status remains a mystery from the outside looking in, this cry out for help could be a sign of some troubling times from the former world boxing champion. Hopefully, Broner will be able to allocate the funds he needs in order to remain comfortable and get back to doing what he does best, entertaining boxing fans in the ring. 

Check out Adrien Broner’s Instagram post below. 


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