Adrien Broner’s Baby Mama Roasts Him For He Sliding In Bhad Bhabie’s DMs


Adrien Broner hasn’t started the year off on a good note. Although we’re only three days into 2020, it might be trouble for anyone else to take a bigger L than him in the foreseeable future. Bhad Bhabie, who’s only sixteen-years-old, exposed Broner, 30, for sliding in her DMs. While most other celebrities would have claimed it was photoshopped or alleged they were hacked, Broner simply denied that he knew she was underage, referring to the incident as an “honest mistake.”

“Nobody wants to date a kid but I fault Instagram for not having people’s age on their profile,” Broner told TheShadeRoom. “I thought she was grown the way she out here moving.”

Nobody particularly believed his excuse, anyway, especially since the whole narrative around Bhad Bhabie is that she’s a reckless teenager. It seems that includes the mother of Broner’s children, Arie Nicole. Shortly after news broke out, she decided to chime in on whole situation while flaming Broner for trying to holla at a child. “I done told him to find a step mama not a step child,” she wrote with several laughing emojis. 

At this point, Broner hasn’t responded to Arie Nicole’s comments but it’s probably for the better. At this point, he should just lay low until this whole thing blows over.

Check out Arie Nicole’s Instagram response below. 


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