Aesop Rock Flexes Abstract Bars On New Single “Rogue Wave”


On a day already stacked with new music, Aesop Rock has emerged to throw his hat in the race with “Rogue Wave.” Describing the song in a press release, Aesop reveals that his imagination stretches well-beyond the booth. “To me, this song is a small boat lost at sea, rowing for hours, days, losing all track of time and direction – 360 degrees of nothing but ocean,” explains Aesop. “I really enjoy skipping the hook entirely. It doesn’t always work – but when it does it just feels right.” In essence, he likes to bar out in his own unique fashion. No problem here, as few can pen thought-provoking and symbolic imagery like the underground legend. 

Over an instrumental spun from an 80s horror b-movie, Aesop wastes little time in firing off riddles for our perusal. Directly following a reference to Stephen King’s The Shining, Rock likens himself to Oldboy, Ghostface, Tolstoy, and Coltrane; sounds about right. Check out the new single from Aesop Rock, the spinner of fables and illustrator of cover arts, right here. Any Aesop fans in the building?

Quotable Lyrics

All work no play, dull boys rotate,
Old Boy, Ghostface, Tolstoy, Coltrane,
Throws up coffin nails, off the rails,
Born bathed in a tornado of claws and tails,
Got skulls on his sails, cobras on the pleather,
Salt and pepper soldiers barely holding it together


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