AG Club Blesses Fans With Debut Album “FYE (F*CK YOUR EXPECTATIONS) Pt. 1”


Bay Area collective AG Club have been making some serious noise over the last year or so, especially in light of their EP called Halfway Off The Porch. Their energy and talent speaks for itself and there are publications that are already making some massive comparisons. In fact, some have even noted that they are a mix of Brockhampton and A$AP Rocky although this is something for the fans to decide. Now, they are back with a brand new album called FYE (F*CK YOUR EXPECTATIONS) Pt. 1. It’s a 9-track album that will be receiving a second part on April 30th.

As for the project itself, there are certainly some bangers to be had here and at 28 minutes in length, this is an easily digestible record that will help you get acquainted with the group and all of its artists. There are features from artists like Sam Truth, redveil, and even ICECOLDBISHOP, which helps to add some variety. Overall, it’s a solid effort and you can check it out, below.


2. UGUDBRU (ft. Sam Truth)
3. A Bitch Curious (ft. Sam Truth)
4. A Msg From Mgmt…
5. TRUTH (ft. Sam Truth & redveil)
6. Zane Low Alien Abduction
7. Columbia
9. Hot Pink