AJ Tracey Lives His Life Like A Movie On “Cheerleaders”


There are few grime MCs who’ve emerged in the past decade that are as consistent as AJ Tracey’s been throughout his career. Since 2015, the rapper released five projects including his most recent effort, Flu Game. The project arrived on Friday, showing Tracey’s versatility as an artist, especially with collaborations from both the UK and the U.S.

The best moments on the project are when Tracey is left on his own. “Cheerleaders,” for instance, is a shivering banger that unites Tracey with producers Kazza and Swidom. It’s a perfect example of Tracey’s ability to crossover into the ever-popular drill sound while keeping the essence of UK garage and grime infused into the vocal samples and his sharp flow.

Check the highlight from AJ Tracey’s Flu Game below.

Quotable Lyrics
I’ll never hear the opps get play
Unless it’s on a drill ting or they trollin’
Hear my tunes on dates when I’m bowling
Check my BlackStar, bare pattern in golden
That’s what I thought I told them
If they never heard, then I must show them
I’m patrollin’ and controllin’ and it’s stolen and it’s holdin’