AJ Tracey & Nav Take It From Canada To The UK On “Kukoç”


In a lot of ways, AJ Tracey is maintaining the essence of grime, even at a time when it isn’t grasping mainstream attention. His strengths have always proven to be his versatility as an artist; being able to adapt to any type of given production. It’s largely why he still gets praised for his skillset as an MC even with such a mainstream presence. 

Flu Game, Tracey’s latest album that pays homage to Jordan’s infamous flu game, offers an array of sounds from more upbeat, UK Garage-centered tracks like “Mabel Ten.” However, he does still dabble a bit into the drill sound. He and Nav connect on “Kukoç,” another homage to a Bulls player. Yung Swisher and pxcoyo cook up a chilling instrumental while Tracey asserts himself as a top dog in the game. Meanwhile, Nav’s syrup-induced flow elaborates on the gargantuan flexes.

Quotable Lyrics
I was sellin’ grams before the ‘Gram
Keep a .30, I’m thirty, a grown man
I don’t get cold feet or cold hands
I ain’t never dropped dope in an old pan