Akon Building Futuristic “Akon City” In Uganda


Akon is one of the most successful people to have established themselves within the music industry, but his business moves expand far beyond the entertainment world. The 47-year-old multi-millionaire has leveraged his connections to build his first-ever Akon City in Senegal, for which he has started construction. The ultra-futuristic city was revealed a couple of years ago, and it looks like Akon is already moving forward on building another Akon City– this time, in Uganda.

Jeff Spicer/Getty Images

During a press conference with NBS, Akon announced that he will build the second Akon City in Uganda before 2036. He reportedly dodged questions on how expensive the construction will be, but the Akon City being built in Senegal is around $6 billion. We can expect the one in Uganda to be around the same. 

The city will reportedly run on AKoin, the artist’s cryptocurrency. The government of Uganda has already allocated one square mile of land for Akon to build on. 

Akon was asked about whether the average Ugandan would be able to afford to live in Akon City, which prompted him to say that Africans are the reason why the rich get rich, urging them to invest in themselves because he believes cryptocurrency will elevate the continent to new levels.

Construction for Akon City in Senegal is expected to be completed within three years. Akon CIty in Uganda will be complete by 2036.