Al Roker Has Twitter In Tears After Yelling At Man Dressed As Stick Of Butter


The Macy’s Parade always attracts some of the biggest stars in the world as people tune in on Thanksgiving. Today, there were some pretty prominent figures who were on the premises but no one left as big of an impression as Al Roker. He was sent to cover the parade from the grounds and attracted all sorts of festive folks. However, there was one moment that has brought the internet to shambles.

Al Roker was handling his business, approaching some of the people on the grounds such as police officers and people involved in the parade. That’s when a man dressed as a stick of butter saw an opportunity for a come-up. While Roker was doing his thing, the butter man approached him in an attempt to get a few seconds on camera but Al Roker was not having it at all. Roker essentially told him to “f*ck off” very politely but the way he did it had the internet cackling. “I hate to butter you up but you gotta move on,” he said as the man attempted to wish the world a “happy butter Thanksgiving.” “Oh, get out of here, you butter,” he replied.

That wasn’t the end of it. The butter man decided to chase down Roker on his motorcade to get in a word. Although committed to the cause, Roker simply referred to him as a clown.

P.S. we don’t know why he was wearing a helmet during the entirety of the coverage, either. 


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