Alex Caruso Delivers Scintillating Put-Back Dunk: NBA Twitter Reacts


Alex Caruso is one of the biggest enigmas in the NBA right now. At first glance, he doesn’t look like a guy who is dunking on people at a feverish pace. Despite his low-key appearance, Caruso has managed to take NBA Twitter by storm with a plethora of scintillating highlights including some put-back dunks. The Lakers player became a bit of an internet legend last season when he had a huge game that had LeBron James in a state of shock.

Last night, the Lakers were able to defeat the Denver Nuggets and once again, Caruso came through with a huge highlight. In the clip below, Danny Green misses a three-point shot and Caruso comes out of nowhere to throw down the put-back dunk. It was yet another example of Caruso stealing the show even with a modest stat line.

As soon as the clip hit the internet, fans immediately took to Twitter to make jokes and comment on what Caruso was able to do. Despite numerous examples of his athleticism, fans continue to be mystified by him and it always makes for some hilarity. Lakers fans are starting to fall in love with Caruso and the internet is following suit.

Check out some of the best reactions to the dunk, below.


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