Alex Caruso Jokes About LeBron James’ Weight After Heavy Chest Bump


This season, the Los Angeles Lakers are one of the best teams in the league thanks to the presence of one of the most dynamic players to ever play the game, Alex Caruso. The team also has LeBron James and Anthony Davis but when you think about it, that’s just an added bonus. Caruso has captured the hearts of Lakers fans everywhere thanks to some of his spectacular highlight-reel plays and ability surprise his own teammates with his athleticism. In some ways, Caruso has been a bit of a phenomenon and on Tuesday night, he pulled off another one of his moves.

In the clip below, Caruso steals the ball off of a Bulls players and puts up a layup which is then met with a hefty chest bump from LeBron James. After the game, Caruso had some jokes for LeBron as he commented on his weight and the velocity at which he celebrated.

“Bron’s gotta watch out,” Caruso said. “He doesn’t understand the physics of that. He’s got 60 to 80 pounds on me. … But he gets hype, and I get hype and we just roll with it.”

All jokes aside, Caruso has been able to fit in nicely with this Lakers squad and is one of their depth players who continues to receive some shine. The team is 6-1 right now and role players like Caruso have made some huge contributions to the Lakers’ first-place record.


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