Alex Caruso Reacts To His Rampant Fanbase Amid All-Star Votes


Los Angeles Lakers backup guard Alex Caruso has been a social media phenomenon thanks to his appearance and scintillating dunks. Caruso could do the smallest task on the court and still get MVP chants. Social media is a weird place so it’s easy to see why someone like Caruso could become an internet hero in such a short amount of time. Regardless, fans love him and their admiration for Caruso has resulted in a plethora of All-Star votes. Caruso is 4th in Western Conference guard voting and is ahead of some of the best players in the game.

While speaking to Kyle Goon of The Orange County Register, Caruso gave his thoughts on the All-Star votes and how some of the other players have reacted to his newfound stardom.

“Nobody on opposing teams has said anything about it – I think that just kind of goes to the way I carry myself,” said Caruso. “I don’t go around gloating like, ‘Yeah, I should be an All-Star.’ I’m a realist. I know my role and I know what I’m doing for the team. Obviously I’m not one of the best 30 players in the league. There are people who are very deserving who have had great years. Fans do what fans do. Especially in the era of social media that we live in, once something catches fire, it just spreads. Like I said, I appreciate all the love. But the guys who deserve it, deserve it.”

While Caruso remains humble, there is still a brigade of fans who are upset at how many votes he’s getting. For now, it remains unlikely that Caruso will get into the All-Star game. Stay tuned for the roster announcements as we will be sure to bring you those. 


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