Alicia Keys Brings That Vibe In “Time Machine” Song & Video


Alicia Keys takes us on a journey with her new single “Time Machine.” The lyrically potent track has a futuristic sound and is trippy even without the vibrant visuals. Keys begins the song singing, “fear of what’s in the mirror, yeah, so much to be afraid of. Scared of what we’re made of, and what we might be.” She hits deep with that and at a certain point, as is the case with any good song, you get lost in the vibe. Well, the track is perfect for any mood but especially chill vibes.

The video is set in an indoor roller skating rink with fluorescents and neons in the dark and her glam and drip is fly to match. Watch the video below and catch the wave.  

Quotable Lyrics:

Go out of your mind (Out of your mind, out of your mind, out of your mind)
Go out of your mind (Out of your mind, out of your mind)
No, we can’t rewind, life ain’t no time machine
But once you free your mind, there’s beauty in everything


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