AlienEmoji Drops Flute-tastic New Song “Maybach (Party For One)”


When Future dropped “Mask Off” in 2017, the flute entered the hip hop scene in a big way. It became one of the most common samples to hear and a reliable means of crafting a hit. Two years later and something about the nasally winds of the instrument still manage to get the blood flowing. 

Montreal trio, AlienEmoji, turned to this trusted formula on their new song, “Maybach (Party For One)”, and confirmed its continued durability. Zydell’s melodies on the hook playfully jump along with the flute, while offering that blend of flexes and aspirations required of an up-and-coming rapper. Success is something broken down into increments, with some pieces already attained and many more lying ahead. Even though Zydell “and that check go way back,” he’s still “tryna switch vibe to a Maybach.”

Vocal layerings make his flows pop even more and all these elements combine to give the track a satisfying level of levity. The final verse has Zydell’s bars tumbling over one another in a mesmerizing manner reminiscent of Playboi Carti’s cascading cadences. AlienEmoji’s oeuvre only spans four tracks now – consisting of “Leeches,” “Lomachenko” and “FU&ALLOFYOURFRIENDS” – but they’re proving they’re ones to watch.   

Quotable Lyrics

I keep business around me like I’m Buffett
I’m Elon musk in the flesh I might go to space
And everyone gets a album Cause I’m Winfrey
Yeah I went free


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