Allen Iverson On Travis Scott Dressing As Him For Halloween “It Was Dope”


ComplexCon is in full swing and the company just released an interview with legendary point guard Allen Iverson. Iverson sat down with Pierce Simpson to discuss his career, his relationship with Reebok and more.

Iverson commented on the players today whom he has a strong relationship with. Both Josh Richardson and Trey Burke wear Iverson’s shoes. “We just wanted somebody young and somebody energetic to wear the brand and they came to me with the idea and I felt like it was a no-brainer. To this point, I think we made the right decision- and Trey Burke. I think that’s cool. Just to have some young dudes rocking my sneakers, especially the ones that put me on the map.”

If you missed it, Travis Scott went all out for Halloween and dressed as Allen Iverson. He posted a picture of himself recreating a Slam magazine cover. Iverson felt honored by the move.

“It was dope. I love him as an artist. I don’t think I’ve met him, but as an artist, I love him. To see something like that, that was dope. My kids were calling me and talking about it. They really thought it was cool because they’re big fans too… Dope. He was dope,” Iverson said.

Check out the full interview over on Complex.


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