Amanda Nunes Retains Featherweight Title In Dominant UFC 250 Win


Amanda Nunes is the best female fighter in the UFC right now and in terms of sheer dominance, she is easily one of the best regardless of gender. Heading into UFC 250, Nunes had a 10-fight winning streak and was looking to retain her featherweight title against Canadian Felicia Spencer. Well, Nunes did just that as she was a dominant force through all five rounds and eventually won by decision. This win allowed her to keep the title and even pushed her winning streak to 11 fights.

Throughout the match, Nunes hit Spencer with over 75 headshots although, despite this, the Canadian was able to withstand it all and keep pushing. After the fight, Nunes said she purposely wanted the fight to go all five rounds. She even showed some sportsmanship afterward by allowing Spencer to touch the belt.

Nunes’ dominant run in the UFC doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon and if you’re Dana White, this has to be an exciting prospect. Every challenger that comes Nunes’ way ends up getting crushed which just goes to show she’s one of the best in the business.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see who the UFC decides will get to challenge her next. Regardless, that person is going to be in for a tough bout.


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