Amanda Seales Turned Down “L&HH Reunion” Hosting Gig Because Of “Integrity”


There’s a saying that goes: Not all money is good money. Some people don’t stand by that creed and will chase a dollar in any direction, while others reject money-making opportunities because they realize what they’ll be sacrificing to earn the check. The ladies of The Real chatted about the topic and during their conversation, new co-host Amanda Seales revealed that she turned down VH1’s Love & Hip Hop because she wasn’t a fan of the program.

Paras Griffin / Stringer / Getty Images

The discussion began with a conversation about the differences between pride and self-worth. They were talking the news regarding Shaggy turning down a potential feature on Rihanna’s next album because he didn’t feel as though he needed to audition for inclusion. Amanda shared a similar story of turning down VH1 because she didn’t agree with the message Love & Hip Hop represents.

“I was broke as a joke and they had asked me to host the Love & Hip Hop reunion,” Amada revealed. “I just don’t support the behaviors that are really promoted on that show. I just couldn’t do it, and when I tell y’all I was broke, I was broke. And I really couldn’t do it. It wasn’t about pride. It was about my integrity and my self-worth.” Check out her clip below.


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