Amber Guyger’s Attorneys File Paperwork To Begin Possible Appeal Process


Amber Guyger’s legal team continues to fight for the disgraced former Dallas police officer following her murder conviction. The 31-year-old was recently sentenced to 10 years in prison for the slaying of Botham Jean, an unarmed man who Guyger killed in his own home when she mistook his apartment for her own. The case gained worldwide attention and was wrought with controversy, even after Guyger was found guilty. In an unsurprising move, Guyger’s attorneys have reportedly filed paperwork to appeal her conviction, according to the Fort Worth-Star Telegram.

It’s a common occurrence for appeals to be filed almost immediately following a conviction such as Guyger’s, and Texas law requires it to be done “within 30 days after the day sentence is imposed or suspended in open court, or after the day the trial court enters an appealable order; or within 90 days after the day sentence is imposed or suspended in open court if the defendant timely files a motion for new trial.” While the former officer’s team seems to have begun the appeal process, the paperwork filed didn’t include a reason as to why an appeal should be granted. In the meantime, Guyger is serving her 10-year sentence at the Mountain View prison in Gainesville, Texas. She’ll be up for parole eligibility in 2024.

Just because Guyger’s team has filed these recent documents doesn’t necessarily mean that they’ll continue the process. It will still be an uphill battle and her request may be denied.


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