Amber Mark Turns Up The Heat On “Generous”


Amber Mark has long claimed her stake in the rising class of R&B’s torchbearers, easily vacillating between brooding R&B creations to bouncy soul-infused pop flirtation. In her latest cut, the Sade-approved songstress strategically bounds into territory that she’s only previosuly touched at the surface

On “Generous,” Mark taps into sultry soundscapes as she delicately details the anticipation of a bedroom rendezvous. It makes for a slow burner that diversifies the singer’s portfolio, sharpening her catalog while continuing to pad onto the anticipation of her next full-length outing. 

Since 2018’s Conexão EP, Mark has teased palettes with one-offs such as “Mixer: and “What If.” “Generous” arrives as a welcome addition to the series. Enjoy below.

Quotable Lyrics

You’re always catering to me so let me put you first
Yeah, I got fifty thousand ways to make your eyes roll back
Have you talkin’ to yourself like, “How she ride like that?”
Pop another Perignon, I’m feelin’ generous


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