Amber Rose Switches Up Look With Long Blonde Mane


Amber Rose is opting for a lengthier hairstyle while she’s stuck in quarantine. The model is famous for her bleach blonde buzz cut, having rocked the look for so long that it’s become her signature. On occasion, she’ll sport a wig of a different colour and style, especially if it’s for a special event. For the most part, though Miss Rose can be seen sans any long tresses.

Amber Rose hairstyle long blonde mane look switch change buzz cut baldPhillip Faraone/Getty Images

However, she decided to switch things up a bit on Thursday by donning a new waist-length hairstyle, and you might not even recognize her if not for her massive forehead tattoo. Amber posted some photos of herself posing in her new ‘do, wearing a tight, white two-piece getup to show off her insane figure.

“Hood B*tch look like she from Malibu,” she captioned the post. Amber can be seen sitting on the couch in the first two shots, followed by an up-close selfie. She proceeded to unzip her top halfway for the fourth photo, letting a bit of her midriff peek out. The post ends with a brief, sound-less clip of her new look, making sure to zero in on her assets.

What do you think of Amber’s new look?


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