Amindi & Kari Faux Ditch The Boys & Count Their Coins On “Love Em, Leave Em”


Amindi and Kari Faux are both based in Los Angeles and their new collaboration, “Love Em Leave Em”, sure sounds like they are. It beams with sunshine, supplied by cheerful horns and steely drums. Amindi sings and Kari raps about disposable boys, as the title suggests. It’s the kind of anthem that could soundtrack shedding off habits you prefer to leave in 2019 and move into a new decade with your own self-worth at the center. 

“Love Em Leave Em” comes with a bright video directed by Mariah Winter. Amindi told Complex how the visuals reflect the song’s ethos. “I wanted a cinematic representation of girls being about their money and prioritizing their bread in the same way boys do. I just love movies and I wanted this music video to feel like a short film with a happy ending for the girls and a not-so-happy ending for the boys. But who cares? This isn’t about boys! This is about the money, about the bread, about bags.”

Quotable Lyrics

If you’re waiting on reply, you gon’ be waiting for a while
Cause I’m still waiting for my nails to dry
Trip over a guy, not I
That’s really not my style, I’m too fly
I try to tell ’em though 

– Amindi


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