An “Anaconda” Reboot Is In The Works At Columbia Pictures


Reboots are all that Hollywood seems to be focused on right about now. Pretty much every film and/or television series we grew up on in the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s is now being remade by the same movie companies that put them out in the first place. The latest film to get a makeover will be 1997’s hit thriller Anaconda that helped make Jennifer Lopez and Ice Cube household names.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sony & Columbia Pictures have hired Evan Daugherty of Tomb Raider and Snow White and the Huntsman fame to pen the script with an updated and modern spin. While reports are still very early — a producer isn’t even attached to the project yet — what we do know is that Daugherty plans to do it as more of a “reimagining” instead of a direct sequel or a remake in the traditional sense, according to sources. Actually, the 2018 Jason Statham-led shark thriller The Meg was thrown out as a good example of where the direction for an Anaconda remake could lead.

Here’s what THR is saying about the upcoming remake of Anaconda:

While details are being kept deep in the belly of the beast, it is known that the studio is hoping to take a Meg-style approach to the concept. The Meg was the 2018 Jason Statham-starring movie that upped the killer shark movie concept by having scientists deal with a prehistoric shark dinosaur known as a megalodon. The movie made over half a billion dollars. The studio is aiming to take what was a simple and relatively cheap programmer with a B-movie concept and eventize it in scope and budget.

We doubt J Lo or Cube would be interested in reprising their roles or making a return for a quick cameo, but who knows what the future could hold if the script and price is right. Question is, does the public want yet another remake of a cult classic? Let us know your thoughts over in the comments section.


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