An Offensive George Floyd Valentine’s Day Card Is Circulating LAPD: Report


The Los Angeles Police Department is conducting an internal affairs investigation into a report that an offensive edited photo of George Floyd is being passed around one of their departments on Valentine’s Day. The photo, edited in a Valentine’s Day card format, allegedly contains the caption, “You take my breath away.”

LAPD, George Floyd
Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

An officer reportedly filed a complaint about the image circulating the LAPD’s Harbor Division, Sunday, according to TMZ. The officer will be interviewed by internal affairs, Monday.

The LAPD confirmed the reports on Twitter: “The Department has become aware of allegations that an image was being passed around the department and this image was in the workplace. There are also allegations that the post with the image was authored by a department employee.”

They continued in another tweet: “At this point, the Department has not identified any actual postings in the workplace or identified that it was in fact our department employee who created the image. We have raised the apparent existence of the image and directed commands to survey the worksites for it.”

The department has said they will maintain a “zero-tolerance policy for anything with racist views,” according to Chief Michel Moore.