“And I Oop” Is GIPHY’S Top-Ranking Gif Of 2019 With More Than 419 Million Views


The end of 2019 means the “top [insert here] of the year” lists are aflutter, and GIPHY has joined in on the fun. The online database is the primary source for the silent, looping video clips we calls GIFs, so it only makes sense that they’d be the ones to declare the top GIF of 2019. While there were plenty of GIFs used countless times either as reactions or through memes, the winner is not likely to be a surprise to anyone who even skimmed the Internet this year. Jasmine Masters, internet personality and former contestant on Ru Paul’s Drag Race, took home the proverbial gold, for her infamous “And I Oop!” GIF that garnered over 419 million views.

Whew! The GIF was born from a video of Masters innocently discussing her frustration with people who are helpless when drunk. At one point in the middle of the story, Masters facial expression abruptly changes as she blurts out and subsequently coins the now-iconic phrase “And I oop!” After a brief pause to recuperate, this reaction is explained when Masters discloses: “I just hit my balls.” As hilarious as the original video is, the context is not often relevant or cited when the GIF is used: it simply became a way for people to express their surprise on the Internet. 

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I Thank all. I am the #1 top gif of 2019 with 419 million views @giphy

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Masters was even honoured with a special plaque from GIPHY, as well as a framed version of the GIF.

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