Andre Iguodala & Warriors Could Be Heading Towards A Reunion: Report


Andre Iguodala is currently being held hostage by the Memphis Grizzlies who acquired him in a trade with the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors were looking for some cap space and needed to move on with some of its key players. Iguodala helped the team win three championships and many believe he still has some gas in the tank to string together some good seasons. For now, Iguodala won’t be heading onto the court as he awaits his fate with the Grizzlies.

While this year may be a wash for Iggy, it seems as though rumors are circulating about what he’ll be doing this offseason as a free agent. Marc Stein of The New York Times believes Iguodala and the Warriors are on a collision course and that he will be looking to finish his career there.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

“So let’s skip ahead to the summer, when Iguodala will be a free agent again. Consider him a virtual lock to return to the Warriors to finish his career with the team that propelled him to the hallowed Robert Horry stratosphere for elite, ring-laden role players,” Stein wrote.

An Iguodala/Warriors reunion would only make sense when you consider just how linked at the hip they are. The Dubs aren’t the same without Iguodala and it would only be the right thing to do to let him retire there.


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