Angela Rye IG Post Sparks Relationship Rumors With “Insecure” Star


It seems political analyst and lawyer Angela Rye has kicked rapper Common to the curb. According to UpNews, rumours began swirling after Rye shared of photo of herself boo’d up with a mystery man in the pool. And while the fans are still trying to figure out who that mystery man is, many believe they have already figured out. The majority rule it out to be Kendrick Sampson, who plays the ghosting f-boy on Issa Rae’s hit-TV series Insecure. On the other hand, a smaller portion has pointed the finger to yet another one of Issa’s cast members, but this time on the Issa Show. While we’re still trying to figure it out and put the pieces together, it is fair to say that the photo does demonstrate that Rye has moved on from Common.

The last we reported on these two was earlier this month when rumours had sparked that Common was dating Tiffany Haddish. This followed the apparent split between Common and Rye after Angela arrived at her 40th birthday party all by herself. Not only that, Angela was also spotted attending Tyler Perry’s studio opening without a date as well at that time, which further added to the evidence of her being single. And now, we have our answer. As the saying goes, “on to the next one.”



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