Angela Rye Says She & Common Broke Up Because She Wanted Kids And He Didn’t


Common and attorney Angela Rye once dated years back and as we confirmed earlier in September, they were back together for another swing at things. “She’s a strong cookie. But she’s good people. Really a good balance, and fun too,” Common said of his relationship. However, things have changed once again since the duo have broken up yet again and Angela got candid about the reason for their break on a recent podcast

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

“What I would say happened is we broke up. We were together for about a year this time and we broke up, I think it was September-ish maybe, because we just want different things. This was right after the time that I realized I was going to take the second godson, the 9-year-old [Ryan], more often. I had told him about it the day before. We had been talking probably for two months about ‘Let’s see where things go’ because I’m leaning towards ‘I want kids’ and he was leaning towards ‘I don’t know,’ and I think when somebody tells you they don’t know they don’t really want that, they just don’t want to hurt you,” she explained. 

Common has a “fully grown wonderful human daughter” who’s going to law school and Angela detailed how she understands if he didn’t want to start over again. 

She added: “I think it was an amicable parting of ways. But we’re very clear about the fact that we were not aligned in those interests. We will always be friends. He’s a really good person. I’m kind of glad you asked this, there’s so many stories about what happens.”


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