Angela Simmons Airs Out Beef With Romeo Miller, Denies Their Tension Is Fake


The upcoming season of Growing Up Hip Hop will show the break down of the relationship between Romeo Miller and Angela SimmonsIn previous seasons we’ve watched as the friends almost turned into lovers, but they were never quite able to cross that line into romance. Currently, the pair aren’t even speaking to each other and according to Angela, she has no idea why Romeo has a problem with her.

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Angela, along with her siblings JoJo Simmons and Vanessa Simmons, visited The Breakfast Club to chat about their latest season of Growing Up Hip Hop. Angela was grilled about Romeo and she flatly said she wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with him. “We didn’t really date like that,” she stated. “We had a good time, a good run. It wasn’t like that. And then we started working together more, like recently on the show, and then this season things just kinda went [left].” She explained that she and Romeo were friends and “producing partners,” so when she was going through her struggles following her ex Sutton Tennyson’s murder, Romeo promised on and off camera that he would be there for her.

“He said this on TV so I was like, ‘If you say that, I don’t care if we film or not, really mean that.’ ‘Cause that really means a lot to me. Especially with what I have on my plate, and to me, he didn’t step up at all. I don’t expect nobody to do nothing for me, whatever, it’s fine, but he didn’t step up.”

“We got around time to film and I hadn’t heard from him so I’m like, ‘Let me hit him up, see what’s going on, what we doin’ this season. Silence,” she continued. She saw that he was posing on Instagram and staying updated with social media, so she tried DMing him. However, he still didn’t respond. Angela finally checked in with production to see if they’d been in contact with Romeo and that’s when she learned he’d spoken with them, enough so that he’d filmed a scene with her sister Vanessa.

Angela added that she usually doesn’t speak about people publicly, but she learned that he’d been talking about her in scenes for Growing Up Hip Hop so she’s going the route that he’s clearly taken. “I still haven’t heard from him ’til this day,” she said, adding that she has no idea why Romeo has been icing her out. “We’ve been in the same room and I haven’t heard from him… It’s not like this is something that’s fake.” Watch the Simmons siblings on The Breakfast Club below. They jump right into Angela’s Romeo drama at the beginning.


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