Angela Simmons Details Being In A Physically Abusive Relationship


Prior to announcing her engagement to her late ex-fiancé Sutton Tennyson, Angela Simmons was rather private about her romantic relationships. She’d grown up on reality television on Run’s House with her famous family, but she kept much of her personal life under wraps. There were murmurs about her dating Bow Wow and Romeo Miller throughout the years, but Angela wasn’t the type of woman who posed on social media with a guy she was dating.

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The Growing Up Hip Hop star chatted with The Breakfast Club this week about the new season of her reality show and while there, Angela opened up about enduring abuse in a past relationship. “I’ve firsthand dealt with abuse and never really spoke out about it and I know there are a lot of women that are stuck and stuff like that, which is why I made my program Pressure Makes Diamonds, because it’s not what you went through but what you come out as,” Angela said. “So it’s like, people need to tell their story from where they’re at now and not be ashamed of what flaws and what they have because I went through that quietly and like, fought my own silent, public battle because people would never know. It’s hard to get out and I think it needs to be talked about and women need to protect themselves or get people around them ’cause you need support in order to get out. You can’t do it alone.”

DJ Envy asked about how the abuse began and progressed. “It just starts off small. Flicking your head and then next thing you know, things are being thrown at you so it’s like, you just…I guess it just happens so quick and so, those conversations really don’t happen with my family until I’m done with it,” Angela stated. “I’m like, okay. I’m in a better headspace and I know that I’m done and I can focus in and get therapy and move on. But, yeah, it’s a tough situation.”

She added that while she was in the relationship she had a difficult time reconciling her situation, especially when the person abusing her was also loving her. Watch Angela speak about her abusive relationship around the 18:45 mark below.


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