Anthony Davis Channels Chris Bosh With LeBron James Videobomb: Watch


When LeBron James was a member of the Miami Heat, he got to play alongside phenomenal players like Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. The latter of those two was seen as the joker of the group and could always be seen doing some weird antics on the sideline or whatever the case may be. One of Bosh’s best moves was when he would completely videobomb LeBron in the middle of a post-game interview.

Ever since leaving Miami, James hasn’t had a partner to do that with and us NBA fans have been waiting for someone to come along and take the path laid out by Bosh earlier this decade. Now that Anthony Davis is on the Lakers, it looks like it’s his turn to be the videobomber. Last night, James was being interviewed after a preseason game against the Warriors and who else but AD crept into the frame and gave a goofy look.

LeBron immediately cracked a smile and you can tell the whole situation brought him back to his Miami days when he was winning championships and living his best life. Davis is arguably the best teammate he has ever had so perhaps this newfound friendship will help the Lakers propel to a championship.



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