Anthony Davis Hilariously Trolls LeBron James On His Birthday: Watch


Anthony Davis and LeBron James have proven to be the most effective dynamic duo in the entire NBA and teams are finally starting to take notice. The Los Angeles Lakers are first place in the Western Conference and have an impressive record of 26-7. LeBron and AD have been leading the way and it’s been special to see them play with each other night in and night out. Not only are they great teammates but even better friends.

Their friendship was on full display today while training in the Los Angeles Lakers weight room. Of course, today is LeBron James’ 35th birthday and Davis took it upon himself to spoil LeBron’s solitude. As James jokes in the video below, he was hoping to go a whole day without seeing Davis. Unfortunately, the exact opposite occurred.

LeBron can’t stop giggling throughout the video so we’re sure he was fine with Davis’ presence. AD continuously cracked jokes and made goofy expressions in order to force LeBron into breaking character. Overall, it was a pretty hilarious video that gives us some insight into LeBron and AD’s relationship.

Hopefully, LeBron was able to get some peace on his birthday when he left the gym.


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