Anthony Davis Speaks Out After Reinjuring His Achilles


Anthony Davis has been dealing with injuries all season long, although it’s his Achilles that has particularly been giving him some trouble over these past few weeks. Davis had actually taken some time off from the court, and on Sunday, he made his comeback against the Denver Nuggets.

At one point in the game, Davis was going up against Nikola Jokic, when all of a sudden, he landed awkwardly. Davis immediately began clutching at his Achilles, which forced him out of the game. Many fans panicked that the Achilles could have been torn, although, after the game, Davis reassured fans that it doesn’t seem to be that serious. Regardless, Davis is still waiting on an MRI for confirmation.

“I mean, you kind of learn a lot from the MRI, so kind of just waiting on that,” Davis said via ESPN. “Obviously, the doctors don’t want to rule out anything and then it’s something, or say it’s something, then it’s not. But they say everything looks good, but you still want the MRI just to make sure.”

Davis’ MRI will take place this morning, and in the meantime, we’re sure Lakers fans will be worried sick about AD’s condition. Keep it locked to HNHH, as we will be sure to keep you updated on this developing story.

Anthony Davis

Harry How/Getty Images