Antonio Brown Appears Boo’d Up With Former Young Money Artist


Antonio Brown has been engaging in a lot of antics this year and his album is certainly a part of that. Prior to last month, Brown never really showed much interest in making music but now, he’s all about it, especially with a lack of NFL employment. Brown typically posts these teasers on Instagram and fans have begun to notice a woman who is constantly accompanying him. This woman is none other than former Young Money artist Stephanie Acevedo who also appeared on VH1’s Cartel Crew.

A few years ago, rumors circulated that Acevedo was having an affair with her boss, Lil Wayne. Now, she is slated to appear on Brown’s album but based on their recent IG posts, it looks like they are getting cozy. In his latest IG post, Brown poses alongside Acevedo, writing “She along for the ride.” Acevedo echoes those sentiments in her latest photo as she writes “You make me better.”

It’s unclear whether or not they are really in a relationship or are simply doing this to promote the new album. Either way, both seem to be happy with each other which is really all that matters.

Stay tuned for updates on Brown’s NFL situation as we will be sure to bring them to you.


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