Antonio Brown Changes Careers As He Unveils “Chef AB” Series: Watch


It feels as though every single day is graced with a brand new story involving Antonio Brown and his off-the-field antics. Since August, Brown has been at the forefront of sports headlines and it all has to do with how he got himself kicked out of Oakland and New England. Now, Brown has all the free time in the world to do as he pleases and sometimes, it results in some pretty interesting and entertaining antics. While some may have AB fatigue, others are always interested in what he has going on.

Brown has been active on his YouTube channel recently and on Wednesday, he posted a brand new video called “Chef AB “The Cook Up” Ep. 1.” In the clip below, Brown can be seen cooking up some eggs and bacon while giving commentary on what he’s doing.

Perhaps the funniest part of this whole clip is his man behind the camera who continues to egg him on (no pun intended) and ask him questions. At one point, AB can even be seen talking to the sizzling bacon and asking it how it feels. Perhaps if the NFL doesn’t work out for him, he can get his own show on the Food Network. At this point, that could potentially be a more lucrative career depending on how things go.

Let us know in the comments what you’re hoping he makes in episode 2.


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