Antonio Brown Continues His Tireless Pursuit Of JT From City Girls


Antonio Brown hasn’t been doing much this NFL season as he has spent much of his time just chilling and going on social media rants with varying degrees of saltiness. It’s clear that AB is upset with the NFL right now and just wants to get back on the field before the end of the season. It’s looking more and more like that probably won’t happen but either way, he is still remaining hopeful. As for his personal life, Brown has shifted his focus to wooing the likes of JT from the City Girls.

Yesterday, we reported that Brown had shot his shot at her using the bizarre promise of some good old meal prep. We’re not sure if that really worked but now, Brown is begging JT to check her DMs. This is a truly sad state of affairs.

It’s unclear whether or not JT eventually replied to Brown but based on his need to remind her of the DM, it’s really not looking too good. Hopefully, Brown will get what he’s looking for whether it be professionally or in his personal life. As for JT, we wonder how she feels about all of this or if she even knows it’s been happening.

With all this being said, perhaps Brown needs to focus on football right now.


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