Antonio Brown Defends Mason Rudolph With Hilarious IG Throwback


Last night was an interesting one for the likes of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph who was violently attacked with his own helmet by the likes of Myles Garrett. The whole situation has caused quite a stir and the NFL is looking to take some pretty significant actions against Garrett. With that being said, multiple players around the league have come through with their very own reactions, including Antonio Brown who played with Rudolph in Pittsburgh last season.

Despite having a falling out with the team, Brown still seems to have a good relationship with Rudolph as he posted a photo in solidarity with the young QB. The photo is of Brown kicking the Browns punter in the head while trying to hurdle him. With the caption “This For You Mason……….,” it’s clear that Brown is feeling for Rudolph right now.

After the game, Rudolph didn’t seem too shaken up by what happened but he was quick to call Garrett a “coward.” This whole situation is far from over and perhaps we will see some hefty suspensions in the days to come. The NFL is pretty quick with the punishments and this could be an instantaneous decision based on how things go.

Stay tuned for updates on this as we will be sure to bring them to you.


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