Antonio Brown Gets Inspirational While Awaiting An NFL Contract


Antonio Brown might just be the most popular man in football right now and he isn’t even on a team. This is mostly because of all of the antics he exhibited throughout the last few months. It all started with his infamous helmet grievances which went absolutely nowhere. From there, Brown got himself kicked off of the Oakland Raiders and signed a contract with the New England Patriots are the undisputed best team in football. After some allegations surfaced against him, the Patriots decided to part ways with the star and now, he is without a team.

Now that Brown has all the free time in the world, he has been spending some of his forced offseason on Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is where he likes to get into some beefs whereas Instagram is how he connects with fans and drops some inspirational messages. Yesterday, Brown did exactly that as he told his followers that while bad days might be upon you, better days are most certainly ahead. 

The caption “Vaya Con Dios” translates to “go to God” which is consistent with what Brown has been preaching as of late. It’s clear that he is using his faith to find guidance in his situation and is confident he can continue to live his NFL dream.

As the NFL wraps up its investigation into AB, perhaps he will be able to find a team that will take him back.


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