Antonio Brown Goes On Epic Tweet Spree During Q&A With Fans


Antonio Brown has plenty of time on his hands nowadays, and he has frequently taken to twitter to occupy his mind while he waits for a phone call from an NFL team that likely isn’t coming.

Early Friday morning, the free agent wide receiver went on an exhausting tweet spree during an impromptu Q&A with just about anyone who @’d him. Brown addressed a number of topics including the teams that he would and wouldn’t want to play for, the XFL, Tom Brady or Ben Roethlisberger, his favorite superhero and much, much more.

You can check out his timeline if you’re interested in reading the endless amount of tweets, or simply scroll down for a collection of the highlights. 

Brown recently filed an NFL-record nine grievances in an effort to recoup all of the money he lost when he was released by the Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots, which works out to approximately $40 million. Thus far, neither team has paid AB as they wait for the NFL to conclude their investigation into sexual assault allegations filed against him.

He is due back in court in December to retake his deposition in his condo-trashing lawsuit, after he was “extremely noncompliant and flagrantly disorderly” during the first go around.


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