Antonio Brown Hits Colin Kaepernick With An Offer He Can’t Refuse


Colin Kaepernick will be embarking on a huge opportunity Saturday as he heads to Atlanta for a private workout in front of NFL teams. Kaepernick is trying to get himself back into the NFL and this will be a huge event that could give him the opportunity to do just that. It remains to be seen if anyone actually signs him but considering how many teams are in need of a quarterback, you really never know. 

Antonio Brown is currently in a similar situation to Kaepernick although for entirely different reasons. Kap will be in need of some receivers for his workout and Brown is now throwing his hat into the ring. In a recent post to Instagram, Brown asked Kaepernick if he would be interested in having Brown be at the workout.

Kaepernick didn’t reply to the post, at least not publically. This private workout is already eliciting a ton of publicity and having AB there would probably turn it into a bit of circus that the league just isn’t ready to go through with yet. As NFL fans, we can only hope that this actually happens because it would truly be an interesting sight to behold.

Who knows, maybe these two will both be back in the league next season.


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