Antonio Brown Links Up With Terrell Owens For A Photo-Op, Fans React


Antonio Brown has been having himself a year and it seems like talking about him is inescapable at this point. He is always doing or saying something that gets him into just a little bit more trouble with the NFL. There is a long list of infractions against Brown at this point and as we reach the mid-way point of the NFL season, it seems unlikely that we will see him in the league this year. 

In order to stay occupied, Brown has been shooting his shot at famous artists while also working out with tireless persistence. Brown has been able to enjoy his free time with a wide variety of people and most recently, Brown got to link up with wide receiving legend, Terrell Owens.

If you know anything about Owens, then you are well aware that he had various issues while playing in the NFL as well. In some ways, Owens ushered in the trend of the diva wide receiver who would do anything and everything to get what they want. There are many parallels between Brown and Owens which is something fans on Twitter immediately took notice of.

Other fans on Twitter were quick to call these two GOATs while some suggested the image is doctored. Either way, it’s never a dull moment on social media when AB is around.


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