Antonio Brown Makes Surprise Appearance At Youth Football Game: Watch


Antonio Brown hasn’t been able to do much this season in the NFL and at this point, it’s pretty well-documented as to why. The Patriots ended up releasing AB back in September and since then, he has been desperately searching for work. It hasn’t exactly worked out for him and now, he’s stuck working on his social media and repairing his image. At times, Brown seems to be doing quite a bit of good for his community and yesterday, he posted a video to his YouTube channel which displayed some of his efforts.

As you can see from the clip below, Brown hit up a couple of local youth football games with fellow YouTuber and football player, “deestroying.” The players seemed to be incredibly appreciative of Brown’s presence as they posed for pictures with him afterward. Not to mention, AB remained lowkey at the games and only spoke to give some encouragement or pointers to the players.

Brown also posted footage from his time with his new best friend Supreme Patty. The two could be seen riding around on scooters and throwing the ball around. As it turns out, Supreme Patty has a pretty accurate deep ball although it’s probably best not to encourage him. 

Perhaps Brown’s new image will help him get back into the league he loves so much.


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