Antonio Brown Patriots Rumors Shot Down Despite Recent Apology


Antonio Brown started the NFL season on the Oakland Raiders and after numerous wacky antics, he was released. Eventually, AB found himself on the Super Bowl-contending New England Patriots where he only got to play one game. From there, Brown was cut after some sexual assault allegations and here we are today. Brown is in the midst of being investigated by the NFL and it remains to be seen whether or not he will get to come back into the league this year.

Recently, Brown apologized to Robert Kraft for his behavior while on the Patriots and it ultimately led to some rumors that he could be welcomed back onto the team. However, a report from Jeff Howe of The Athletic has silenced these rumors, with a source close to the team saying there is no chance of this happening. 

The Patriots are currently sitting at a record of 9-1 and are considered the frontrunner to win the Super Bowl. With AB on the team, they would be next to unstoppable but after how things went down earlier in the season, it seems like the bridge has already been burned. For now, Brown will have to look elsewhere for his next chance in the NFL.

Who would you like to see sign Brown to a contract?


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