Antonio Brown Reflects On His Time Away From NFL: Watch


One of the best wide receivers in football is still without a team to call home. While he may have himself to blame for that, AB is saying he now realizes his faults and isn’t taking football for granted anymore. On Sunday morning, the WR shared a clip on social media reflecting on his time away from football these past 5 weeks.

Interesting enough, AB captioned his YT video with, “I know I said I do not need to play I now realize how grateful I am to play this game and do not take it for granted.” Now whether or not he really believes that remains to be seen, but he’s definitely trying to get back in the league.

“Spending these 5 weeks off you know put me into reflection mode where I had to go within and and I really find out what’s important,” AB says in the clip. “Feed myself not only physically but mentally & spiritually. So for me it’s all about being there. You know putting in that work with the family. Getting up early, getting kids ready. Sitting down with breakfast with them. talking to them and encouraging them… loving them, treating them principles.”

Elsewhere in the clip, AB shows footage of him working out, running routes, and spending time with his children and family, among other things. Check it out all (below). Should AB get another shot in the league or no?


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