Antonio Brown Reveals He Has A Song With Odell Beckham Jr.


Antonio Brown has consistently been providing fans with a steady dose of antics this season and it can only be explained by his lack of NFL contract. With no team to play for, Brown has been bored at home and is in dire need of something to do. Interestingly enough, Brown has decided to take his talents to the world of music where he has a new collaborative coming out with Sean Kingston, of all people. AB has been posting plenty of teasers as of late and now, he is also giving us some insight on who his features might be.

In one of his latest tweets, Brown revealed that he recently spoke to his good friend, wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. After a quick exchange via text, AB felt it was necessary to tell us that he actually has a song with OBJ. Brown also explained that if he got 100k retweets, he would drop it during the Super Bowl. As of right now, there are only 9k retweets. 

Whether or not this song actually exists, remains to be seen. OBJ hasn’t exactly been known for his musical prowess and come to think of it, neither has Brown. Either way, this musical endeavor could prove to be quite interesting and we can’t wait to hear it if it indeed exists. 


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