Antonio Brown Sends Light Shade At Backstabbers Amidst Issues With NFL


Antonio Brown has been having a tumultuous 2019 that all started with his departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers. Up until a couple of years ago, it didn’t seem like AB had any issues with his team although that quickly changed after some arguments with Ben Roethlisberger. Brown got to be with the Oakland Raiders for a while but that was quickly kiboshed as he acted out and got himself released. Immediately following his dismissal from the team, Brown was signed by the New England Patriots, which lasted all of two weeks.

Brown has since been accused of sexual assault by two women who used to work for him. Due to these allegations, Brown is being investigated by the NFL and has claimed he won’t come back to the league because of this. Brown seemingly feels betrayed by all of this as he took to Instagram to hint he’s been backstabbed.

“Imagine giving people opportunities, and the same people you giving opportunities stab you in the back,” Brown said.

Based on these comments, it seems as though Brown is really hurting right now and feels pretty taken aback by everything that has happened in the last three months. Brown was once considered the best wide receiver in the league and now, there is a real chance he never comes back to the league.


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